Special Programs such as IB, IBT and Scitech offered by School Boards in Ontario

Brampton Learna has special enrichment tutoring classes for students of Special Programs, such as, IB, IBT and Scitech. This page will provide you valuable information on the IB, IBT and Scitech programs, help you evaluate whether these opportunities are right for your children and how to make the most of it. Scroll to the bottom for Catholic School board programs.There are also elementary and secondary Gifted Education programs for children identified as Exceptional Intellectual Gifted. Speak to the child”s teacher for more information or call us at Brampton Learna – 905.791.1222.

“My son has had a  very positive experience with Brampton Learna. They really teach according to need and habits of the students. I really recommend everyone to join even if your kid is doing ”well” at school as this will bring confidence and  brightness to your kids.”
Majot Nanwa, Father of Amit Nanwa  Gr 12 Student; with Brampton Learna since July 2008

Brampton Learna offers special Math Tutoring, English tutoring, French Tutoring and Science Tutoring for all these special programs such as IB, IBT and SciTech. Call today for a trial class and help your child succeed – 905.791.1222

Links for Regional programs for Public Schools and the Catholic School Board

Secondary Regional Learning Choice Programs – Nov 2023

Peel District School Board
Regional programs for Elementary schools

Peel Region High Performers Program
Specialist High Skills Major
Dual Credit Programs
Secondary Regional Choices Program
French Immersion and Extended French

Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board