English Tutoring

Brampton Learna offers English Tutoring for all grades and also programs for adults.

Language skills – English Reading and Writing

This program is designed to assist students between Jk and Grade 12, with the essential skills that are an integral part of Language Arts. This program is intended to assist students who are struggling with concepts within Language Arts and further challenge those students who are above and beyond or doing the Regional Programs. Our lessons are carefully planned and prepared in order to meet the specific requirements of each individual student. Tutors focus on targeting the specific skill(s), based on student requirements.

Our Language programs cover : Pre-Reading skills(Phonics ), Vocabulary, Grammar and punctuation, Sentence formation, Understanding the text, Reading comprehension, Summarizing, Interpretation reading between the lines, Critical analysis. Essay writing techniques, Improving sentence structure, Grammar, Creative writing and Letter writing, Reading and comprehension; vocabulary, Spellings, working on a mind map and building stories and development of ideas. We cover all text types such as Narrative, Exposition, Discussions, Persuasive, Procedure, Information Reports, Recounts, etc.