Brampton Tutoring Programs Offered

Welcome to the Simplified Program Selection Tool which will guide you in selecting the Tutoring Program which is best suited for your child.

Regular Program : We maintain a ratio of 4 students to a teacher and at present cover EQAO, English and Math Tutoring. We have more than 30,000 practice sheets which along with our proprietary Lesson Plans help the student excel. This program is recommended for children who are in the range of below average to above average  (about Grades C to Grades A).

2 – on – 1 tutoring program : Here the ratio is 2 students per Teacher and is available for almost all the subjects. This program is recommended for students who need extra help to catch up with concepts and need more practice.

1 – on – 1 tutoring program :  Here the ratio is 1 student per teacher and is a very focused and intensive program for all subjects. The teachers are carefully handpicked to ensure that they are not just knowledgeable but also are masters in teaching and motivation. This program is recommended for :

  • students who need more help with concepts
  • students who find it hard to focus in a group (get distracted easily)
  • students who are doing well but want to do much better – e.g., move from Grades B+ to A or A+, or want to start preparing for bigger challenges such as Med school, University degree, etc.
  • Gifted children on Enrichment program to improve faster at their own individualized speed and style
  • High school and University students

When you come to Brampton Learna Tutoring Center for the first time, our counselor will gauge the students academic level and learning style and suggest the appropriate program to follow. Sometimes they could suggest going on a 1 – on – 1 program for a month or two and then shifting to a 2 – on – 1 or Basic program. At Brampton Tutoring, we try our best to give you the maximum value and return for the money you spend and that is why we give you the assurance of Grade improvement. Of course this would require the student and the parent to also commit themselves to this goal.

  • special rates for kids with special needs for 1 – on 1 program
  • program available for kids with special needs for all subjects
  • vocational courses in Math and English.
  • we specialize in project and assignment assistance for high school and university students