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Welcome to Brampton Learna. Come meet our amazing team and book your complimentary assessment (up to grade 8). When you come to Brampton Learna, you get the highest quality tutor time as well as access to an abundance of educational resources, including a variety of textbooks, electronic resources and teaching aids.

At Brampton Learna we work on the overall development of our students. Our students have :
– participated in internationals in the US for the DECA competitions and come in top 10
– Have participated and won in the ROBOTiC competitions.
– Have had their writings published in books all over Canada and won in top 3 positions.
– Have been selected for worldwide competitive SHAD summer programme.
– Our students have been the MVP at their schools.
– Have formed their own non profit setups to help other students and peers.

Parents are key the to their child’s success, ensuring they attend regularly and arrive on time for their lessons. Parents can help us help their child by giving their child positive encouragement and ensuring that they do their homework in a timely and orderly manner. Feedback from parents is very important. We are very attentive to suggestions and take immediate action to resolve any issues that parents may have.
Brampton Learna is very appreciative and proud of the confidence shown by all the parents in the community have shown in us with their childrens learning over the past decade.

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At Brampton Learna we are flexible and adaptable to work according to the child’s learning needs and the changing education environment. We strive to understand each child’s learning style. Some children are analytically minded, or they require more visual and tangible examples.
What we do is our passion; We believe that every child is unique and every child has the right to be the best they can be.
Our goal is to help build your child’s self-esteem; overcome gaps in their learning and instill a love for learning .

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