How will I know if my child is learning?

Brampton Learna makes it easy for you to monitor your child’s progress. The homework worksheets are based on the concept the child has learned and practiced in class . so you’ll instantly know if your child is struggling with the topic or advancing ahead. Since Our programme is 100% curriculum based the child is working on the topic that they are doing at school making it possible for them to perform well at school. Best result indicator of your childs progress is the childs improvement at school quizzes and tests. These improved marks at school also makes a positive impact on the childs confidence and motivates them to work better.

Who will teach my Child ?

Brampton Learna we instills in students the skills and love for learning new concepts . With the help of trained instructor, students learn at their own pace following an individualized learning plan leading to their success. At Brampton Learna we invest in training our instructors thoroughly. Not only with the subject matter but also with working with different personalities of children. We DO NOT hire High School students to teach our children.

Is there a contract ?

At Brampton Learna we do not have a contract. We go by the month. Our performance and student results at school are the reason why our students and parents are with us for so many years. Student improvement academically and personally is of prime importance to us and we go the extra mile to make it happen. We offer a complimentary no obligation assessment class upto grade 8 where we will assess the student for Math and English .

Why Brampton Learna?

We use encouraging and Motivational methods to encourage students to perform their best, boosting their self confidence. We give Individualized attention, We have trained tutors to work according to each childs learning style, We 100%curriculum based hence guaranteeing grade improvement at school. We encourage the child to do well in all spheres of their development and not just the Academic.
We have a solid track record to prove that we live up to our promise. Brampton Learna completed 10 years in Jan 2018 helping over 2000 students doing well in school. We have worked with children applying for various Regional programmes for middle and high school and consistently delivered amazing results. every year we have more than a dozen of our students get accepted to these programmes like AP,IB,IBT,Sci Tech. We are vey proud to say that we are in a position to work with them and help them with their Higher Level courses when they are doing these programmes as well.

How many hours should my child attend class?

In general, a student is expected to spend a minimum of 80 hours (two one-hour sessions per week for 40 weeks) per subject at our centres, to successfully complete a grade level. However, this duration may vary depending on the student’s progress.

If my child is not able to make it to a class, does he / she lose that class?

No; the class is not lost, we encourage you to call and inform the center about your child’s absence and reschedule the class to another mutually convenient time. However lessons from one calendar month cannot be carried forward to the next month and have to be completed within the same month.

What time do I bring my child for his classes?

On registration, the Centre Manager will draw up the monthly plan for your child after consulting
you. Based on this plan, we schedule teachers for the students taking care to ensure that the child works
with the same teacher every time he/she comes in.
You will have to bring the child 5 minutes before the scheduled time and also ensure that you are back 5
minutes before the end of session to pick-up your child.

What are the Centre timings?

The Centre is open as follows :
Monday to Friday : 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Saturday : 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

If there are any changes or cancellations to the timings the voice mail and Facebook page will be updated.

Does Learna offer preparations for standardized tests?

We offer special tracks for students preparing for standardized tests (i.e., EQAO and OSSLT)

Is Learna a remedial program?

Our program is designed to accommodate children of all skill levels. Our curriculum-based curriculum
inspires and nurtures the needy students and stimulates and challenges the gifted ones.