NEW :: Introducing Brampton Learna CODING CHAMPS program – Coding classes for kids Grade 3 and above !!

The only Tutoring Center which guarantees grade improvement in school!

Do you know why?

Let’s hear from the parents of some of our students …

“Good morning
Great learning place is great for a kid. Great learning place is made great by good teachers.  At Brampton LEARNA tutoring center at Gore and Ebenezer, Teachers are trained and differentiate their curriculum as a matter of course. Teachers are personable with students and parents. They are PRO-CHILD. They are very friendly. They try to teach students in the way the students are not bored & they are eager to learn. I am really really impressed by the atmosphere they have for students .Yes, my kids go to “LEARNA” at Gore and Ebenezer, and it was the “BEST” decision we ever made. Thanks”

Anjuman Walia(Mother of Rohan and Aryan and Finance Executive in a major Bank)

“Brampton Learna, you really learn there. My son Josh was there in summer 2010. Teachers are really good, helpful, supportive, he learnt a lot. Now he is going back. Thank you Shilpa and Nayan.”
Pushpinder Flora, Mother of Josh Flora, Gr 3 student

“Brampton Learna is a great place. Here both my kids have improved a lot in all the subjects. Thank you.”
Nilesh and Jyoti, Parents of Karan Gr 4 and Maitri Gr 1

“Brampton Learna has made Devon improve  a lot. Thanks a lot.”
Rose Ramcharran, Mother of Devon, Gr 8 student

What are the Top 3 things that a parent looks for before deciding on which Tutoring Center to join?

  1. Is there a guarantee that my child”s Grades will improve? Do they have any proof or track record?
  2. Will my child enjoy going to this Tutoring center?
  3. Is the study environment good, safe and hygienic?
  • Brampton Learna Tutoring Center Guarantees Grade improvement* and any parent interested in enrolling can ask to see the successful track record
  • Children enjoy coming to the tutoring Center and we can provide hundreds of parent / student testimonials.
  • Brampton Learna Tutoring Center has 1500 sq ft of space conforming to the high safety and hygiene standards of the City of Brampton.

But is it economical too?

Yes, it is economical and in the words of our parents, it is “great value for money”. Brampton Learna Tutoring Center has a number of programs to suit your requirements. Our Counsellor would be happy to speak to you and determine what program would be best for you.At Brampton Learna Tutoring Center, we provide All Subject tutoring in an interactive environment with the help of experienced Tutors to enable your child to excel. The Learna Tutoring method focuses on understanding and application rather than drill. It was developed by expert educators to take your child along an individualized learning path to success.

Your child will love learning at Learna and thriving at school.

Write to us today to find out how your child can benefit from Brampton Learna Tutoring Programs

So what is so special about our ”method”?

Educating your child is a partnership between you the parent and Brampton Learna Tutoring Center. In order to facilitate the creation of a solid communication process between Learna and the parents of our students and to ensure success for your child, the Learna teachers will try to:

  • Provide the students with an appropriate environment in the Tutoring Center within which they can learn.
  • Provide the students with a challenging and stimulating curriculum that will assist their growth as students.
  • Provide encouragement, assistance and feedback to the Learna students in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • Create an environment in which the Learna students feel they are being treated in an equitable manner, and in which they are free from any type of harassment.
  • Provide relevant communication to the parents of the Learna students regarding their child’s achievement, attendance, behavior, or any other areas of concern in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • Follow the protocol and procedures that Learna has established for them while dealing with any student who persistently disrupts the learning environment of the other students at their center.
  • Provide a timely opportunity to any parent who wishes to discuss any concerns they may have about their child’s Learna experience.

I did not know which tutoring / learning center to choose for my kids. I am happy I wrote to Brampton Learna Tutoring. Their Counselor called me and explained to me the various child development approaches I could take without trying to sell me on any of their programs. Thanks Shilpa”
– Sangita Amladi, Mother and Insurance Executive

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