Coding Classes


  • Coding is the basic literacy in this digital age and it prepares them for the future and develop cognitive skills and logical thinking.
  • Coding program is developed in such a way to give students an early exposure of designing their own animation, make a short animated story and writing a code for their own computer game using the tools available from the software and their own logic and understanding.
  • This program does not have any pre-requisites, just the interest and will to develop some fantastic animations and games of your own.

Coding Curriculum

Session 1Introduction to software and coding
Session 2Introduction to Motion Palette Event Palette
Session 3Introduction to Control Palette
Session 4Looks Palette
Session 5Draw Shape using Pen Palette
Session 6Leaning about Sensing Palette
Session 7Create your own Sprite
Session 8Conversation using Broadcasting
Session 9Teaching Concept of Cloning
Session 10Ninja Hattori – Game