“I have seen a great improvement within both my children. Their Math and Reading have greatly improved. Thank you.” – Mrs Sibal, Mother of Shaan Gr. 2 and Neal Sr. KG

“I have very positive results with Brampton Learna. My kids have shown great improvement in Math.”
Mrs. Vaishali Parulekar, Mother of Gaurav Gr. 7 and Akshada Gr. 5

“Brampton Learna is a great place. Here both my kids have improved a lot in all the subjects. Thank you.” – Nilesh and Jyoti, Parents of Karan Gr. 4 and Maitri Gr. 1

“Brampton Learna has made Devon improve a lot. Thanks a lot.” – – Rose Ramcharran, Mother of Devon, Gr. 8 student

“I have seen Brampton Learna is a great institute for middle school children. Thank You.” – Dewansh

“Brampton Learna, you really learn there. My son Josh was there in summer 2010. Teachers are really good, helpful, supportive, he learnt a lot. Now he is going back. Thank you Shilpa and Nayan.”Pushpinder Flora, Mother of Josh Flora, Gr. 3 student

“I have seen a great atmosphere for all students and teachers. Thank you.”
– Devendra Valsadia, Father of Neil Valsadia , Gr. 7 student

“The staff has been very thoughtful and flexible with my child who has special needs. My child is doing better in Math.” –  Mrs. D, Mother of Gr. 3 student with special needs

“They learn a lot if they go to Brampton Learna.” – Anil Sahota , Father of Harshita, Gr 2 and Piyush Jr. KG

“My name is Kalaiselvam. My daughter Nithuja attended Brampton Learna for about 6 months and her learning skills improved very well. Brampton Learna has been very helpful to her in her learning.
– Mr Kakaiselvam, Father of Nithuja, Gr. 2 student

I put my son Chetan in Brampton Learna , so far I have no regrets. I am really proud that I made the right decision at the right time. No doubt that the teachers are so experienced, helpful and encouraging. They should open more branches in and around areas. – Mrs Prabha Chand, Mother of Chetan Chand , Gr 4

“This is Asifa ( Deo’s mom) Deo learned a lot. He feels comfortable to go to Brampton Learna. Specially he admires Shilpa teacher. In summers he enjoyed the art and other activities. Thanks to all the teachers for helping Deo in Studies and manners.”  – Mrs Asifa Khokhar, Mother of Deo, Sr. KG student; with Brampton Learna from Preschool

“Ravjot is with Brampton Learna for about 8 months. He improved his Math and English a lot in last 8 months. In grade 8, Ravjot started getting A and B grades in his exams. Ravjot is very happy with Brampton Learna and also very happy about his better marks in school. I would like to thank Brampton Learna for helping Ravjot achieve higher marks in school.” – Mr. Kuner, Father of Ravjot Kuner, Gr 10 student

“For our daughter Deborah Brampton Learna has been a very good learning experience. During the course Deborah has improved tremendously. Brampton Learna has disciplined her studying habits as a student is expected to finish homework and class work expectations as well. At times Deborah was kept behind in the classroom if the expectation was not met. Deborah has finished the midterm, we have the marks, which are gone up to 88% in most subjects. Thanks to Brampton Learna and the hard working committed staff.” – Mrs D’soza , Mother of Deborah, Gr. 9 student

“I tried going to different tutoring places but, Brampton learna was the only place that helped me to achieve with high average. Best place to be.” – Reha Singh, Gr 9 student

“Brampton Learna is best and teachers are the best. I can clearly see the improvement in my son.” – Mrs Krupali Patel, Mother of Jaimit Patel , Gr 9. Student; with Brampton Learna since Nov 2010

“Hey, this is Sukhjinder Singh. I went to Brampton Learna for about 3-4 weeks for exam preparations for Math and I love it. They treated me like family and I learned a lot of review and it helped. The tutors are really good and help you where you need it. I just got my exam marks from school and I got a higher than expected grade in the exams. I couldn’t have done it without Brampton Learna or their tutors.” – Sukhijinder Singh, Grade 12 student

“My son has had a very positive experience with Brampton Learna. They really teach according to need and habits of the students. I really recommend everyone to join even if your kid is doing ok at school as this will bring confidence and brightness to your kids.”– Majot Nanwa, Father of Amit Nanwa, Gr 12 Student; with Brampton Learna since July 2008

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  1. I have taken calculus tutoring for Grade 12 at Brampton Learna. The tutors are very good and I would recommend this tutoring center to everyone.

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