Preschool Brampton

Preschool BramptonPreschool Brampton is a smart Preschool program for kids in the age group of 2.5 – 4 years, which incorporates very effective early childhood preschool activities for the child’s mental development. It motivates them to learn, develops their cognitive faculties and helps build more effective synapses, which form the basis for their IQ development.

This is Asifa ( Deo’s mom).  Deo learned a lot at Brampton Learna. He feels comfortable to go to Brampton Learna. Specialy he admires Shilpa teacher. In summers he enjoyed the art and other activities. Thanks to all the teachers for helping Deo in Studies and manners.

Mrs Asifa Khokhar, Mother of Deo,  Sr. KG student; with Brampton Learna since Preschool

Preschool Brampton is a flexible program which offers the benefits as described below :

  • flexible program – bring your child for 1 hour a day for 4 days a week anytime between 4 pm – 8 pm on weekdays and 10 am – 2 pm on Saturdays.
  • economical
  • effective
  • kids love it
  • in your neighborhood in Brampton



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