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At our Learning Centre on Gore and Ebenezer, we have more than a 100 students who come for homework help. In our present day busy lifestyles, we understand that parents may not have the time to supervise the homework of their kids. And the kids also need help with topics they may not have understood fully in school. That is why we have an enriched Homework Help program where the students are given homework assistance and in addition are also taught the concepts relating to the topic.

“I put my son Chetan in Brampton Learna , so far I have no regrets. I am really proud that  I made the right decision at the right time. Apart from tutoring, Homework help is also very good. No doubt that the teachers are so experienced, helpful and encouraging. They should open more branches in and around areas.”

Mrs Prabha Chand, Mother of Chetan Chand , Gr 4 student

How does the Homework help program work?

The program has 1 teacher supervising 3 – 4 students of similar age group to ensure that students make use of every minute of their tutoring time. Strict discipline is followed because of which the students complete the homework on time. The Homework help program is a very popular program with both the parents and the students. The students love it because they do not feel forced to do something they don’t like. We create an environment of learning where every student gets motivated to focus on the homework and work fast. Some parents have added few hours of tutoring in addition to homework help to facilitate understanding of the concepts too. At Brampton Learna, Homework help students are taught how to approach homework and finish it and they are also made to understand what they stand to gain by being up to date. This way they develop the good habit of proactively approaching homework and ensuring completion and comprehension.

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