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High School MathHigh School Math Tutoring that gets you great results in a short time – that’s Brampton Learna’s promise to you!

“Hey, this is Sukhjinder Singh. I went to Brampton Learna for about 3-4 weeks for exam preparations for Math and I loved it. They treated me like family and I learned a lot of review and it helped. Tne tutors are really good and help you where you need it. I just got my exam marks from school and  I got a much higher grade (in the exams) than I expected. I couldn’t have done it without Brampton Learna or their tutors.”

Sukhijinder Singh, Grade 12 student

“Ravjot is with Brampton Learna for about 8 months. He improved his math and English a lot in last 8 months. In grade 8 Ravjot  start to get A and B grades from his exams. Ravjot is very happy  with Brampton Learna and also very happy about  his better marks from the school. I want to thank Brampton Learna for helping Ravjot achieve higher marks in school.”

Mr Kuner, Father of Ravjot Kuner, Gr 10 Student

High School Math, starting in Grade 9, becomes VERY challenging ! You want to work hard but there is very little time and too much to do.

Compared to middle school, High School Math expectations increase very steeply due to –

  • increase in level of complex concepts
  • increased amount of independent assignments and homework
  • increase in quizzes and tests
  • semester system and end of semester exams

So what do you do?

With a little help from professionals at Brampton Learna, who have been tutoring students in High School Math for the past many years successfully, you can do well too! Whether you are in Grade 9, 10, 11 or 12, Brampton Learna can help you –

  • understand the concepts (which not many tutoring classes would do)
  • help with your assignments and homework
  • get you ready for your quizzes

Success in High School Math requires student to have strong  understanding of CONCEPTs – Brampton Learna’s proprietary Teaching methods will make the process simple.

According to the Ontario Curriculum expectation,
” Students have many responsibilities with regard to their learning in school. Taking responsibility for one’s progress and learning is an important part of education for all students, regardless of their circumstances. Successful mastery of concepts and skills in mathematics requires a sincere commitment to work and study. Students are expected to develop strategies and processes that facilitate learning and understanding.” 

” I have been regularly taking help from Brampton Learna for High School Math and I am happy to say that I have been getting above 95% marks right from Grade 9. In Grade 11, I am consistently scoring above 90%. Thanks to the professional Math tutors at Brampton Learna who make you understand the concepts well and give you the right practice. With so much work in other subjects, I could not have done so well in High school math without their help”

– Manasi, Grade 11 student, Sandalwood Heights

Brampton Learna offers High School Math tutoring in all the math topics as per Ontario Curriculum which are given below.

Grade 9 High School Math topics :

Number Sense and Algebra
• Operating with Exponents
• Manipulating Expressions and Solving Equations
Linear Relations
• Using Data Management to Investigate
• Understanding Characteristics of Linear
• Connecting Various Representations of Linear
Analytic Geometry
• Investigating the Relationship Between the
Equation of a Relation and the Shape of Its
• Investigating the Properties of Slope
• Using the Properties of Linear Relations to Solve
Measurement and Geometry
• Investigating the Optimal Values of
• Solving Problems Involving Perimeter, Area,
Surface Area, and Volume
• Investigating and Applying Geometric

Grade 10 High School Math topics :

Quadratic Relations of the Form y = ax2 + bx + c
• Investigating the Basic Properties of Quadratic
• Relating the Graph of y = x2 and Its
• Solving Quadratic Equations
• Solving Problems Involving Quadratic Relations
Analytic Geometry
• Using Linear Systems to Solve Problems
• Solving Problems Involving Properties of Line
• Using Analytic Geometry to Verify Geometric
• Investigating Similarity and Solving Problems
Involving Similar Triangles
• Solving Problems Involving the Trigonometry of
Right Triangles
• Solving Problems Involving the Trigonometry of
Acute Triangles

Grade 11 and 12 High School Math topics :

The courses in the Grade 11–12 mathematics curriculum are briefly described below, by course type. The strands in each course are listed in the graphic provided in each section, and their focus is discussed in the following text.

University Preparation Courses

A. Characteristics of Functions
B. Exponential Functions
C. Discrete Functions
D. Trigonometric Functions

Grade 12
A. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
B. Trigonometric Functions
C. Polynomial and Rational Functions
D. Characteristics of Functions

Grade 12
A. Rate of Change
B. Derivatives and Their Applications
C. Geometry and Algebra of Vectors

Grade 12
A. Counting and Probability
B. Probability Distributions
C. Organization of Data for Analysis
D. Statistical Analysis
E. Culminating Data Management Investigation

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