High School Tutoring

High School Tutoring

Brampton Learna High School tutoring Program covers all subjects.  This is one of our most successful programs as we have a wide range of tutors to suit the personality type and the learning style of the High school student. We try our best to ensure that students can choose their tuition times as per their convenience.

Here are some of the recent comments made by parents and students about Brampton Learna High school tutoring –

“My son has a  very positive experience with Brampton Learna. They really teach according to need and habits of the students. I really recommend everyone to join even your kid is doing ok at school as this will bring confidence and brightness to your kids.”

Majot Nanwa, Father of Amit Nanwa, Gr. 12 Student; Brampton Learna student since July 2008

“For our daughter Deborah,  Brampton Learna has been a very good learning experience. During the course Deborah has improved tremendously. Brampton Learna has disciplined her studying habits as a student is expected to finish homework and class work expectations as well. At times Deborah was kept behind in the classroom if the expectation was not met. Deborah has finished the midterm, we have the marks, which are gone up to 88% in most subjects. Thanks to Brampton Learna and the hard working committed staff.”

Mrs D’soza, Mother of Deborah, Gr 9 student

“I tried going to different tutoring places but Brampton Learna was the only place that helped me to achieve high averages.  Best place to be.”

Reha Singh, Gr 9 student

“Brampton Learna is best and teachers are the best. I can clearly see the improvement in my son.”

Mrs. Krupali Patel, Mother of Jaimit Patel , Gr 9. Student; Brampton Learna student since Nov 2010

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High School MathHigh School Math

  • Number Sense and Numeration
  • Measurement
  • Geometry and Spatial Sense
  • Patterning and Algebra
  • Data Management and Probability
  • Number Sense and Numeration
  • Calculus and Vectors
  • Data Management and Statistics
  • Advance Functions
  • Trigonometry
  • Accounting

High School English

High School Science

High School French

High School Social Studies




Pictures of High school tutoring in progress



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